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Alternative Language Names: Uapixana, Vapidiana, Wapichan, Wapichana, Wapisana, Wapishshiana, Wapisiana, Wapitxana, Wapixana, Amariba, Atorai, Aruma, Wapishiana, Wapixiana, Wapixiána, Wapixána
Country: BrazilGuyana
Language Code: wap

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BooksRead Sakadĩĩ kizai 37-50 Joseph dau: Genesis 37-50: Life of Joseph (an old orthography) diglot
BooksRead Sakatadin Kizai Kiꞌa: Genesis (abridged) 1-19 (an old orthography) diglot
BooksRead Sakatadin Kizai Kiꞌa: Genesis (abridged) 20-36 (an old orthography) diglot
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