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Alternative Language Names: हिंदी, Khadi Boli, Khari Boli, Dehlavi, Kauravi, Khari, Khariboli, Vernacular Hindustani, Modern Standard Hindi, Dakhini, Hindi-Urdu, Hindustani
Language Code: hin

Read and ListenRead and Listen on - हिन्दी बाइबिल (Hindi 2007 Easy-to-Read Version)
Read and ListenRead and Listen on - New Hindi Version
Read and ListenRead and Listen on - Holy Bible, Hindi Contemporary Version
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Google PlayLink : बाइबल कहानियां (हिंदी): Open Bible Stories (Hindi)
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View The LUKE Video
View Magdalena
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - नया नियम (HIN2017)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - पवित्र बाइबिल (HINIRV)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - सरल हिन्दी बाइबल (SHB)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - पवित्र बाइबिल CL (BSI) (HINDICL-BSI)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Hindi O.V. - Re-edited (BSI) (HINDI-BSI)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Hindi Holy Bible (HHBD)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Hindi Holy Bible (HHBR)
ReadAudio recordings in Hindi : Global Recordings Network
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View View Inspirational Films: The Story of Jesus for Children
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BooksRead Jesus Messiah: Bible study book
LinkLink : download free offline android Bible study tool in Hindi: MySword
LinkLink : Read the Easy to Read Hindi Bible: Bible Gateway
LinkLink : viewer: Free Bibles of India
LinkLink : website: Hindi
LinkLink : India Scripture resources
OneStoryLink : Acts story set: OneStory Media
OneStoryLink : Relationship story set: OneStory Media
LinkLink : Deditos: Old Testament Bible stories for children: Viña
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