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Gaelic, Scottish

Alternative Language Names: Canadian Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Gàidhlig, Gàidhlig na h-Alba, Gaelic, Gàidhlig Albannach, Scots Gaelic
Country: United Kingdom
Language Code: gla

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ReadRead : (YouVersion) Apocripha (MacGriogair) 1860 (MACGAP)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) Tiomnadh Nuadh (MacEachen) 1875 (MACETN)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) Laoidhean o na Sgriobtaran Naomha 1987 (LSN1987
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Sailm Dhaibhidh 1992 (ath-sgrùdaichte le litreachadh ùr) (SD1992)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Am Bìoball Gàidhlig 1992 (ABG1992)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - An Tiomnadh Nuadh anns an Eadar-Theangachadh Ùr Gàidhlig 2017 (ATN2017)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Sailm Dhaibhidh 1826 (le litreachadh ùr 2000) (SD1826)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Ann An Gàidhlig an Latha An-diugh 1986 (GLD)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Am Bìoball Iomraidh Gàidhlig 2017 (ABIG)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Sailm Dhaibhidh 1694 (Seanadh Earra-ghàidheal) (SD1694)
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