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Alternative Language Names: Eskimo, Inupiat, Inupiaq, North Alaskan Inuktitut, North Alaskan Inupiat, North Slope Inupiaq, West Arctic Inupiatun, Bulkley Valley, Mackenzie Delta Inupiatun, Mackenzie Inupiatun, Western Iñupiaq, Inuktitut, North Alaskan, Anaktuvik Inupiaq, Kobuk Inupiaq, Kotzebue Inupiaq, Malimiutun Inupiaq, Point Barrow Inupiaq, Uummarmiutun, Inupiatun, North Alaskan, Inupiak, North Alaskan Inupiaq, North Alaskan Iñupiaq
Country: CanadaUnited States
Language Code: esi

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