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Alternative Language Names: Barasana, Barasano, Come masa, Comematsa, Edulia, Eduria, Janera, Paneroa, Southern Barasano, Taibano, Taiwaeno, Taiwano, Eduria, Comematsa, Edulia, Erulia, Janera, Paneroa, Southern Barasano, Taiwano, Yebamasa, Banera yae, Barasano, Barasano del Sur, Came-Masa, Come masa, Comea, Hadera, Hanera, Hanera oka, Janena, Palanoa, Panenoa, Panera, Taibano, Taiwaeno, Teiuana, Yepa-Mahsa, Yepa-Matso
Country: Colombia
Language Code: bsn

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